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30 gennaio 2016

Produzione Speciale: Cupido naif

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Special Production for St Valentine's Day
Cupid naif is the new format that the company Pastificio del Colle introduced for St Valentine's Day.
This new pack isms de up of the union of: Hearts naif and Sagittarius naif (ie bow with the arrow symbol representing Cupid).
A new proposal to give taste and gusto to share together! Surely some of you do not know the story of the god Eros, alias Cupid in Roman mythology. Eros is the god of the mighty, the overwhelming force that pushes and attracts men. The Greeks depicted Eros as a youth to look beautiful, naked, armed with bow and arrow which pierced the heart of love of mortals and gods. According to the tradition, Eros, newborn, was brought by his mother, Aphrodite, in the presence of the gods: Zeus sensed immediately what and how much damage it would cause the divine child, and advised the mother to suppress it. The goddess could not resolve to obey, and instead hid the baby in the thick of the woods, where survived fed from the milk of wild animals. He was still very young when he built a bow and arrows and began to practice as a joke, until he became an infallible archer. To make the cost of the ability of Eros were all those who were joined by one of the arrows, thus falling inexorably victims of lovesickness. The Romans identified the greek god Eros with their Cupido (from Cupere, "coveting"). He was the son of Venus, goddess of love, and of Vulcan, god of fire. Best known as the god young and beautiful who fell in love with Psyche, a beautiful girl. In other tales he appears as a mischievous boy who indiscriminately affects men and with his arrows, causing them to fall madly in love. In artistic representations usually Cupid appears as a child naked and winged, often blindfolded, with a bow and arrow.
Hence the idea of ​​wanting to join in a bag of dough the two types of formats that depicts the little angel.

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