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Cannuoli ripieni con ricotta, prosciutto cotto e fontina

Doses: 4 people - Difficulty: medium


  • Cannuoli 250 gr.
  • Ricotta 350 gr.
  • ham steak 150 gr.
  • Fontina cheese 80 gr.
  • grated Parmesan cheese 100 gr.
  • egg 1
  • béchamel/white sauce 250 ml.
  • butter 20 gr.
  • sauce as required
  • salt as required


Put Ricotta in a bowl. Add the chopped ham, Fontina cheese into cubes, 60 grams of grated Parmesan cheese, egg and two pinches of salt. Stir the mixture well.
Take one at a time cannuoli of pasta and on each distributed a bit 'of filling on one side and on the other, and place them on a baking dish with a base of sauce (previously prepared).
Pour the béchamel on cannuoli ready or the sauce. Sprinkle the surface of cannuoli with grated Parmesan cheese remained.
The cannuoli should be cooked in a preheated oven. The cooking time depends on the thickness. In principle, you can consider 20 minutes at 200° C.

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